About us

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Welcome to Digital Desperados!

We are a small Glasgow (Scotland,UK) based group running free film-making courses for women of colour (transwomen welcome). Each participant makes their own short film which is then publicly screened.

Aside from this we also run free public film screenings (often with talks and Q & A with the film-makers) of films by, or about, people of colour that are open to everyone. We welcome public screenings of our films. Please email us about this and we can help you out.

Digital Desperados run on an entirely voluntary basis because we are passionate about our aims:

*To empower the creativity of women of colour.

*To break down the barriers which prevent women of colour making
their own films.

*To be part of creating a rich DIY culture where everyone can
experiment with expressing their ideas, opinions and visions.

*To create public events which encourage cultural diversity and
respect between people with different life experiences.

*To be part of creating a world free of racism and sexism.