Below are images and descriptions of the fruits of our 2 month intensive film course ……… airports, androids, talking eggs, genetics, brown noise, psychic surgery, trafficked girls, police brutality, surveillance, gluttony, migration, maggie cheung fantasies, blackfist, banshees & queens

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**viewers should know that some of the films contain nudity, scenes of a sexually explicit nature, some scenes that may be triggering and may be unsuitable for the photosenstive**

An essay-film, with two looped scenes from two Wong Kar-wai films (Happy Together and Days of Being Wild), as its points of departure and arrival (also: non-departure, non-arrival). On grief, migration, violence, speech, elaborate fantasies involving certain stars of Asian cinema, the writing body, the film-making body.

the making of a wolf
I attempt to create a painting. a visual memento. The women in my life strong, weak, framed, tied, screaming, giving. They are wolves in the wild woods. Dark, Light, Statuesque, forever frozen, forever there.

Three Japanese female competitive-eaters + nearly a hundred bowls of ramen.

Body Soliloquies
How do we live in our bodies in the age of digital disembodiment? Sitting at my computer–my flesh goes mute, drowned out by the hum of the virtual world. Pain awakens it. A headache and I am newly place. I sat in the library of a massive university I do not attend googling the phrase “white vaginal discharge” while feeling secretly disgusting between my legs. Our bodies have become an embarrassment. Abnormalities are spoken to a computer. We call this the digital confessional. There’s no doctor to humiliate. I need to know I am not alone in my bodily suffering. A man who has just passed a kidney stone makes a video log and say, “All you other people out there who have had kidney stones–I feel for you.” Women converse on forums about their phantom pregnancies. A girl rips out a tooth on youtube as people cut off warts, pop zits and flaunt their voluntarily amputated toes. What’s it like to want to get rid of part of your body, to want to fix your body, to be occupied by an alien infection or forced to carry around an unwanted appendage? I don’t know if this is alienation or intimacy. I think of the phrase, “to touch a stranger.” To touch a stranger in these times, with my body.

Lonely and Hungry
A lonely and hungry woman assaults a cop with a dildo.

The Airport Project
This is an extract from larger project that explores mobility as a contemporary structure of feeling within the architectural space of airports.
Filmed at two International Airports in Glasgow, Scotland the performer gets lost within the in-between space of the airport.

The female android and the trafficked girl, the laboratory and the sex slave camp: where technoscience, affective labour and horror converge.

The Wing Thing
This is a film about the way suffering pushes us out of our bodies. It’s about power, police brutality against women, sexual violence, and the fantasy of flying out of pain. After being raped by a police officer responding to a 911 call a woman from Miwaukee said, “In all honesty, I just want to die. I know I can’t die right now, because I got the kids. But if I could find someone to take care of my kids as good as me, I’d just end it. I think about it every day and every night. I’m sick of thinking about it. I’m sick of crying. I’m sick of people calling me a liar.” This film contains potentially triggering text and images.

Holy Forest
A film that drifts from a forest to an evening Marian procession in the Philippines. To the tune of Justice’s remix of Lenny Kravitz’s “Let Love Rule.”


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