We want your films!

Are you a film-maker who is either a person of colour or a film-maker who has made a great film about people of colour with their full co-operation?
If so we would love to receive copies of your films to potentially screen or include as part of our film course.

We ran a  series of FREE public film screenings (open to all) in Glasgow from 2009 to 2011.
The programme was full of exciting films by and about people of colour. They were followed by a Q & A with either the film maker or somebody with special knowledge about the subject of the film. We also included short films as part of the screenings. We will run a new programme again in the future and are still seeking films.

See the link to the top right to view the last ‘winter programme’ of 2010/2011.


Please post your DVD’s (any region, pref. PAL)/ Videos (PAL only please) to:

Digital Desperados

C/O A.C.E.

17 West Montgomery Place, Edinburgh. EH7 5HA. U.K.


There will soon be a pdf release form here  enabling you to set out your boundaries around use and copyright/ copyleft of the film. In the meantime we will email you with a copy which you can fill in online.

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