*INGRID MWENGI & ROBERT HUTTERVideo and performance artist. An amazing online archive of her complete works, new & old, from 1991 – 2010. Robert Hutter is her collaborator
website & archive



*AFRICAN ARTISTS BLOG – Contemporary African art blog. Has 100s of links to galleries and artists websites
click here

*MIHEE-NATHALIE LEMOINE Multimedia artist & activist pioneering work with/forming Korean adoptee groups & resources

Europe supports artists site

on youtube


*THE HOOKAH GIRL Growing Up Palestinian Christian in the US.


*SMALL SCIENCE COLLECTIVE online archive of printable science zines, free!



*SPARROW – Indian national archives for women with print, oral history and pictorial material.

sparrow online



*SHOTGUN SEAMSTRESS ZINE– “A celebration of every side of myself. The punk part, the Black first-generation Nigerian part, the queer part, the feminist part, the artist-loner-weirdo part”

We make zines ning site

*BORDERLANDS: Tales from Disputed Territories between Races and Cultures

QZAP – queer zine archive project. Download and print the zine for free!

*BORDERLANDS ZINE NO2– “It’s all in the family”

QZAP download

*ON BEING A HARD FEMME1– Jackie made this little zine about what “hard femme” means to her. She talks about her desire to wear dresses and get dirty, and how hard femme gives her the identity to do both of those things at once. She’s tired of the butch/femme dichotomy, and this is an attempt to shake that up.

microcosm publishing

*MEMOIRS OF A QUEER HAPA NO2 – Reflections on Jackie’s trip to China, personal stories, anecdotes & examining intersections between queer identities and mixed-race identity.
microcosm publishing

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