*Selected films will be screened on the 7 – 10 July Entzaubert, in Berlin………….FREE 


*Sunday 26th June @ GFT in Glasgow, 3pm……..FREE

12 Rose street, Glasgow G3 6RB

We are pleased to be taking part in a public screening and panel discussion involving a variety of local groups and speakers focusing on ‘film-making and activism’.  The film ENVOI made by Elaine Castillo will be screened alongside other films made by local film-makers.

*Friday 27th May @ ACE in Edinburgh…….7 – 9pm……FREE

17 west montgomery place, edinburgh EH7 5HA

*a cinema space where dogs are welcome!

We present an exciting programme of Digital Desperados films from 2009 & 2011.

**viewers should know that some films contain nudity and scenes of a sexually explicit nature**

*This year’s films are also being screened by Jackie Wang, now back in Baltimore, in a variety of stateside locations, the first one on May 13th, 6pm, University College, Florida.



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