*BLANK NOISE PROJECTanti-sexual harassment site based in india, for both women & men

*THE LIFE AND TIMES OF AN INDIAN HOMEMAKER feminist anti-violence, anti-gender bias, animal rights and more blog

*GRASSROOTS FEMINISIM transnational archive, resources and communities

*THE SPEED OF DREAMS– radical blog (with 100s of amazing links)

*THE NU BLACKFor future revolutionaries


*YOUNG LORDS ARCHIVEThey were a Puerto Rican nationalist group based in several US cities, similar to the Black Panthers.

*MUSLIM VOICES Voices and visions of islam from a global perspective

*MUSLIMAH MEDIA WATCH – A forum where muslim women, of all nationalities & races, & sects, can critique how they are represented in the media and popular culture.
muslim media watch/

*LA FRONTERA TIMES – The daily chronicle of immigration & hope, US based
La Frontera Times here/

*HYPHEN MAGAZINE – Asian american arts, culture and politics

Hyphen here/

*CRIPCHICK – Crushing hard on popular education, radical women of color feminism, and people practicing liberation & interdependence.

MEMSAAB STORY Comprehensive Hindi cinema blog & archive
memsaab story

*FLOWERS OF INDIA – Visually rich botanical site with medicinal plants also covered.
Flowers of India catalouge

*CHUP – changing up pakistan – Raising awareness on the issues impacting Pakistan and breaking the black-and-white depiction of representations in the global media.

**ESCAPING DURKADURKISTAN – This is a blog largely about the distortion, confusion, ethnocentrism and thinly veiled racism that permeates most media coverage of Islam and the ‘Muslim world’.
escaping Dardurkistan

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