*CINEDULCE – New York latino film festival and archive

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*SITA SINGS THE BLUES – musical animated film telling the tale of the Ramayana, focusing on the relationship between Sita & Rama, and a modern day american couple.  Available via creative commons & free to screen/ distro etc

watch ‘Sita sings the blues’

*YOU ARE ON INDIAN LAND – confrontation between police and a 1969 demo by Mohawks of the St. Regis Reserve on the bridge between Canada and the United States near Cornwall, Ontario

watch ‘You are on indian land’

*A JIHAD FOR LOVE– Parvez Sharma’s documentary on homosexuality in Islam

Click here to watch free on 4OD

*Kahnesatake – 270 years of resistanceDirector Alanis Obomsawin spent 78 nerve-wracking days and nights filming the armed stand-off between the Mohawks, the Quebec police and the Canadian army

watch full movie and ‘making of’ clips here

*MIHEE-NATHALIE LEMOINE – Artist & Activist, based in Montreal/ Korea/ Belgium

YouTube Channel

*THE UNAPOLOGETIC MEXICANN – Serving up love & resistance ……..featuring “news with Nezua” and many more

The unapologetic Mexican/

*NOBODY’S ENEMY – Final editing in progress but trailers & clips can be viewed below

official site

*NOT AN ILLUSION – This film follows sara in her decades long dream to be a singer in contemporary Iran, where all performances must be approved by the ministry of culture and Islamic guidance.

official site

Interview with Torang Abedian, director

*SLACKISTAN – A film by Hammad Khan.  A group of twenty-something friends hang out in the rich neighbourhoods of the federal capital city aka ‘Isloo’.


*TRIAL OF A CHILD DENIED – Documentary about the enforced sterilisation of Romany women in the Czech Republic
Watch on youtube

*TAHANI RACHEDAn egyptian film-maker who studied and worked in Canada before leaving to make more films in Egypt. For over 30 years she has made films that expose suffering, injustice, and poverty.
watch & buy full movies here

*DESI GIRLS Desigirls follows A and Priyanka as they negotiate their diverse and often fraught experiences as gay Indian women in New York. While A is not comfortable with her sexuality, how is it that Priyanka, brought up in India, is? The documentary explores what their varying experiences tell us about the role of minority community groups in a diverse and often fractured immigrant society.
watch parts 1 & 2 on youtube

*SATELLITE QUEENS‘Kalaam Nawaem’ is a groundbreaking discussion show presented by four women: one Lebanese, one Palestinian, one Egyptian and one Saudi Arabian. This film examines the effect of non-government controlled satellite TV on Arab culture, and the lives of its presenters
watch here free at Indie movies online

*INDIE MOVIES FREE ONLINE – Free online  documentaries, movies and short films, available legally
watch here free at

*BOOMTOWN BABYLONAn infinite global web project of interconnected one-shot stories from slums and squatter communities in cities around the world. The series starts in Phnom Penh.
Boomtown Babylon

*MUBI EUROPE – Cinema of haiti page – Free & cheap rental prices for avant garde to mainstream, shorts & documentaries online
Haitian Cinema highlights
Main MUBI site – sign up here

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